Can we enjoy pleasure, despite lifes barriers?

I always admire my client’s determination and desire to find pleasure in their life, as there are often multiple and complex barriers in their way, such as past surgery, long-standing chronic or progressive illness, medication and their side effects. The first question I ask is about medication and medical history. The response is often so well informed, after all, they have tried every tool at their disposal, to overcome their loss of pleasure.

I know this story well, as it echoes my own. My motivation to support people was born out of the shame and difficulties that I have faced, all of my life, due to my pelvic injuries. It took me 38 years to find a way around my health issues and to find pleasure. Medication, ill health and the effects of surgery may put barriers in the way, but sexological bodywork has many diverse tools and approaches to help us to break through these barriers. I have been my most complex pupil. My pleasure was found by using breath. a focus of attention, pelvic floor muscles “no touch” and lots of practice. I believe, there is always a way.

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I feel so strongly that people should be able to feel safe to be in their body, something that is not as simple to regain when there has been or still is pain or trauma. I feel strongly that people should be encouraged to get the support and tools that they need (regardless of their genital configuration) to overcome the barriers that trauma and health issues put between them and their pleasure.

Pleasure is our birth-right!  I don’t feel that anyone should be victimized or shamed for seeking support with pleasure. Many people battle with health problems and pain every day, should they also be made to give up and live without pleasure?