Is it really possible to have an orgasm, without touch?

People spend lots of money, travel the length and breadth of the country and even the world, in search of a full body orgasm. But what does a full body orgasm even mean? Does it really exist? and if so, what is the secret to experiencing one?

A full body orgasm is actually simple to learn, it just takes practice…

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Together with breath, your pelvic floor muscles are one of the keys to turning yourself on. When you squeeze and release your pelvic muscles in time with breath, you are actually self-pleasuring without using your hands. Pelvic floor muscles can work on their own in response to external stimulation. But you can choose to manually activate them. Rhythmically contracting and releasing your pelvic floor, in time with breath, can send waves of pleasure pulsing through your pelvis, and with practice your entire body. Before long you will have mastered the best party trick ever…a full body orgasm.