My Conscious Life – Week One “Love Matters.”

Because sex, love, and intimacy really do matter, I have decided to write a blog about them. This blog is inspired by “My Love”, is written from the heart, and I hope will contain helpful sex tips, love advice, and intimacy tips.

Welcome to week one of my blog…

This week’s blog has been inspired by a conversation with “My Love” about the value that we place on sex, love, and intimacy. And the priority that we give them within our lives.

images (4)Soon after we fell in love, “My Love” felt that I had placed him low down on my list of priorities. Initially, I was confused because I love him and I felt that I had put a lot of thought, time and effort into expressing my love. His words struck me like an arrow. Then I thought long and hard and I realized that “My Love” had a point. But, I was shocked to realize why.


Not only was “My Love” correct in that I had de-prioritized him. But, more specifically I had de-prioritized my own needs, which of course included sex, love, and intimacy and therefore “My Love”. So, In reality, I had placed “My Love” far below many other priorities in my life such as kids, family, work and even household chores. I had even gone as far as to describe “My love” as “my special treat”. But why had I placed so little value on my own needs? Why had I considered enjoying intimacy with “My Love” as a delicacy? Something so special that I could only allow myself to enjoy it under special circumstances – if I considered myself deserving!

… And, am I alone in this, or do other people harbor similar beliefs?