My Conscious Life – Week Two “What makes you happy?”

My first blog focused on the importance we place on sex, love, and intimacy when we are bombarded with the many other demands of daily life. If my first blog sparked your curiosity then here is an activity that you may enjoy.

I invite you to create your own personal priority list. Please write a list that contains all of the things/activities within your daily life that are important to you. May I suggest that you place a title at the top of the page, that says something like “Things that help me to feel Happy and Fulfilled” or something similar, that you find easier to relate to.images (1)


We are all unique so your list will be too, but here are some ideas to get you started (in no specific order) 1) making money, 2) having work that challenges me, 3) going to the gym, 4) cooking for my family, 5) spending time with friends. There will be lots of things that are important to you so your list may be a long one. The key people in your life may appear many times, and for many different reasons. This is all perfectly normal.

Next, you are going to use everything from your first list to create a second list. Please take the time to consciously and honestly transfer everything from your first list, on to your new list in order of priority, with the most important item appearing first and the least important item appearing last. This is your final list, so please place a title at the top, and name it “my own personal priority list” or something you can relate to more easily. In your own time, and with love and compassion for yourself, please read through your list and please notice where aspects of sex, pleasure, and intimacy appear. If you are doing this with your partner, then may I suggest that you both write your lists separately, and then join together from a place of curiosity sensitivity and respect, to share your lists with each other.

…What did you notice?

Now that you have listed everything within your life that adds to your sense of happiness and fulfillment, a question to ask yourself might be “Are sex, love, and intimacy important to me?”  And if the answer is YES then what practical steps can I take over the next week to re-prioritize the aspects of sex, love, and intimacy that I enjoy?