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My Conscious Life – Week Three “Wheres My Smile.”

Today has been an important day for me. Because today I have realized that my level of self-confidence or self-consciousness really affects how I live my life. I have realized that how I present myself to the world, is about more than pure ego. For me, how I look, or more importantly how I feel about how I look, not only effects how I feel, it effects the choices that I make, such as what I feel like doing, who I feel like spending time with and even how I act.

Today (however much I fancy the pants off my partner) there was nothing about sex, love, and intimacy that would or could have tempted me. And as my amazing partner so aptly pointed out earlier today, “it’s not about sex, I just want to be there for you”. But call it pride or vanity, today I just felt too self-conscious to even set eyes on My Love.

So what happened today to reduce my self-confidence and my libido so abruptly? What happened today that made my mojo go away? Well, the answer is simple. Today I took one look in the mirror and realized that I looked terrible. And I’m not just talking a bit under the weather. I had bags the size of England and enough spots to sink a ship. Today there was no faking it, because today there was no amount of makeup that would have done the trick.

So today I discovered that “how I feel about myself” really does influence my sex drive and therefore sex life. Are you aware of anything in your life that negatively effects your Mojo?