Dawn Upton

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“From my first memory, my hands had always been busy making and creating things. So when it came to intimacy why did my hands suddenly seem so clumsy? The truth is that none of us are taught about pleasure, we just do our best. Life’s challenges can make it more difficult for some of us, but believe me, given the right guidance and tools it really is possible to experience mind-blowing pleasure throughout life.

No one in my life had ever discussed sex with me in terms of orgasm, arousal or pleasure (outside of the technical aspects of intercourse). It wasn’t until my early 30’s that I finally met someone that was able to provide me with a safe space to explore and experiment with pleasure. This new experience was liberating and it fuelled my interest. As a trained teacher I had been taught that experiential learning and regular practice were effective ways to master complex skills, such as learning to drive a car or playing a musical instrument.  Given this knowledge, I started to wonder if and how a similar approach might be used to help improve someone’s experience of sexual pleasure.

My curiosity and yearning to understand pleasure fueled my interest in intimacy and sexuality, so much so that I changed my career path. By my late-thirties, I had already helped many clients, but unfortunately for me, the “Erotic Formula” still felt like a mystery. Then, I found Somatic Sex Coaching and my prayers were finally answered. Following three months of conscious practice, I finally taught my body how to experience pleasure. This journey has been transformational and life-changing for me and is a beautiful wisdom that I am eager to share with others.”


Ellen Heed & Kimberly Ann Johnson, Pelvic Health: Scar Tissue Remediation Education and Management – 2016
Institute of Somatic Sexology: Certificate in Sexological Bodywork & Betty Martin Training – Consent, boundaries, and clarity- 2015 – 2015
Strode College: Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies – Massage, Reflexology & Aromatherapy – 2012 – 2013