download-16These sessions will help you both to resolve relationship problems and to develop amazing new ways to connect with each other. You will both receive support in noticing what you feel, honouring what you want, and expressing how you want to be touched.

Notice what you want.
Trust what you want.
Value what you want.
Communicate what you want

Developing honest, simple ways to communicate during intimacy really can make the world of difference. It allows each person to receive touch the way that they want it to be, rather than how their partner thinks it should be: creating intimate experiences that feel confident, clear and full of choice.

As a sex-life consultant, my role within a couples only session is to sit on the peripheral, so that I can support, and guide your experience and response to each other. I will be supporting you both through “hands off” direction and guidance where it’s appropriate, and demonstrating using props.

Your First Session

The first session will take you through some fun games that play with touch, communication, and body awareness! This session is clothed, gentle, empowering and fun. Most people are surprised at what they learn and take home new skills immediately.

Subsequent sessions

As sessions progress you will become very clear on receiving and giving -“what you’re yes is and what your no is”, and how to tell the difference. Sessions will be more and more about introducing and exploring new techniques within the session, for you to continue and explore together at home. You will learn how to touch and connect within your lives, not just in the bedroom, but whatever is going on, and wherever you are.

Sessions may include the option to shed some layers of clothing, depending on what you prefer. You are never asked to wear less than you are comfortable in. You will be learning how to choose and communicate, so at no time – ever – are you expected to do anything that is beyond your level of comfort. I never allow one partner of a couple to make decisions for the other.



In order to fully support clients in their journey, I abide by a Code of Ethics. As a Certified Somatic Sexologist (sex-life consultant), I have completed the Certificate in Somatic Sexology™ Professional Training UK with the Institute of Somatic Sexology, Australia. I am a professional member of The Association of Integrated Sexologists (ASIS) and listed as a registered practitioner on The UK Directory of Certified Somatic Sexologists.