I always offer new clients a free consultation session so that you can meet me, and make sure that I am the right choice for you. This can be in the form of a 30 minute in person or telephone consultation, or as a prelude to your first session.

The guidelines for your free consultation will be

  • So that I can find out about what your goals and hopes might be.
  • So that you can find out about me, and the approach that I use.
  • So that I can answer any questions that you might have.
  • So that we can discuss a plan for future sessions.

The services I offer are:


(Women, Men, Gender Fluid, Non-Binary and Other Identified Peoples).

imagest5jzrnh1Working with a Sex-Life Coach can help you to understand yourself sexually, overcome barriers to sexual pleasure, and discover new erotic possibilities. The best way to learn something new is to experience it. Within your first session, you will explore a variety of touch sensations, that will awaken your skin and your whole body. Subsequent sessions involve body-based experiences and exercises chosen to meet your specific needs. Transform your sex life. Practice these ground-breaking techniques at home and with your sex coach, and experience more pleasure than you can ever imagine.

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These sessions will support you both to identify & express your likes and dislikes and to develop amazing new ways to connect with each other. Developing honest, simple ways to communicate during intimacy really can make the world of difference. It allows you both to receive touch the way that you want it to be, rather than how your partner thinks it should be: creating intimate experiences that feel confident, clear and full of choice.

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