(Women, Men, Gender Fluid, Non-Binary, and Other Identified Peoples).

imagest5jzrnh1I can help you to understand yourself sexually, overcome barriers to sexual pleasure, and discover new erotic possibilities. The best way to learn something new is to experience and practice it. Within your first session, you will explore a variety of touch sensations, that will awaken your skin and your whole body. Subsequent sessions will involve body-based experiences and exercises chosen to meet your specific needs. Transform your sex life. Practice these ground-breaking techniques at home and in session, and experience more pleasure than you can ever imagine.

 “Immerse yourself in the sensations and let any worries about your body or performance simply melt away.”

A standard session lasts for 90 minutes. After an informal chat you can choose to receive a relaxing massage, and then you can explore the elements of your session that you and I have agreed together in advance. The human body learns through regular practice, so at some point during each session, I will recommend some simple techniques for you to practice at home. Please be reassured that you will remain in charge throughout, sessions are set at your own pace, and there are no expectations placed upon you.

Open up to more pleasure in your life

With slow. skilful, careful touch given in a safe situation, I can help you to learn the pleasure that is possible.

Transform sexual issues and concerns

I am trained to offer hands-on support, to tackle all kinds of sexual issues, such as premature or delayed ejaculation, erectile difficulties, and not being able to orgasm readily.

Reconnect with your partner

I can help you to navigate sexual differences, and explore new erotic possibilities, with body-based learning, and guided practice.

Learn how to touch

I can help you to build skills in touch, improve communication, evoke passion and desire in your sexual interactions.

Reduce anxiety around sexuality

With breath and deep relaxation, I can help to reignite your desire and expand your capacity for pleasure.

Soften and soothe scars

I am trained in scar tissue remediation techniques. Softening scar tissue can improve pelvic tensions/aches/cramps, numbness or pain during sex, and help with scar tissue following an operation or childbirth.

Develop self-confidence, and self-acceptance

I am trained to offer an environment of loving kindness and complete acceptance to all clients, whatever their unique erotic identities, their challenges, wounds, and joys.

Express your wishes and desires

I can help you to recognize and express what you want, and to become more empowered within your sexual activities and relationships.

Discover your boundaries

I can help you to communicate your boundaries effectively, and how to help your partner to express their boundaries.

Release shame

I can help you to work through any shame that is holding you back from opening up,  exploring your desires, and accepting yourself sexually.

Gain erotic knowledge

I can teach you genital anatomy, the physiology of multiple orgasms, how to touch, how to negotiate desires, and many other things about sex.

Release past trauma

I can help you to experience and express your body boundaries, within an environment of safety and acceptance.

Find your desire

I can help you to feel more focused and present within your sexual exchanges.

Transform unhelpful habits, and patterns

I am trained to help you to address pornography addiction or to understand unwanted fantasies.

Understand your desires

I can help you to understand and accept your desires, and to work through any shame about them.

Experience whole body & energy orgasms

I can show you how to tune in to your sexual energy, to move it and to amplify it, supporting you to give your sexuality focused attention, and to delve more deeply into its beauty and mystery.



In order to fully support clients in their journey, I abide by a Code of EthicsAs a Certified Somatic Sexologist (Sex-Life Consultant), I have completed the Certificate in Somatic Sexology™ Professional Training UK with the Institute of Somatic Sexology, Australia. I am a professional member of The Association of Integrated Sexologists (ASIS) and a registered practitioner on The UK Directory of Certified Somatic Sexologists.